Sea Swallowed Us Whole

Chris & Andy

From: Provo, UT

— Local Warped Tour Winners! —

Andy: How it works is we basically submit to sign up in to the competition, they give you a page where you can upload your music in to or on to it. After that, you have to link in your facebook and tiwtter on to it, and it rates it not just on votes, but on how much interaction you have on your social media. I actually like it a lot better this year because it feels like it’s seeing how many people actually do listen to, pay attention to your band.

— The Band Name —

Andy: The name doesn’t have a real specific meaning. We’ve been a band for a while, about 6 years. Everything has changed a lot recently – a lot of different lineups and sounds. And Sea Swallowed Us Whole has been from the beginning.

Chris: I think we chose it simply because it forces you to remember it, ‘cuz it’s kind of a tongue twister…So we stuck with it.

— Inspiration from the Provo Music Scene —

Chris: We recorded our last EP – the one that’s coming out on August 16 – we recorded it with our producer, Stetson Whitworth, and he’s actually pretty good friends with Quinn [from The Used]…So I have actually gotten a few chances where Quinn’s been in the studio – cuz they’re friends – and he’s sat down with me a few times and honestly has inspired me, in terms of being a musician. Especially coming from Utah, he helped realize that Utah bands can make it. You just have to be The Used or better.

— Their Warped Tour Performance —

Andy: We just do the local date on the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands Stage. It was really good…With this one, it’s a little different than venues we normally play at. We usually play at a lot of smaller venues right now…To have one like that and to have super high grade moniters and everything, it’s really different, but everyone that works on that stage is really awesome and made it a really easy process.

Chris: It was a beautiful turn out too. A lot more people than I was expecting…We played at like 1:30. There were about four other bands before us.

Andy: We were the last local band to play on that stage

Chris: So we were headlining the local stage.

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