The Story So Far

Kelen Capener

— The Band Name —

It’s a Newfound Glory song. We were just going through an iPod and we were cheap, lazy bastards so we thought that would be a good idea…There’s 5 of us, all High School friends. We all went to the same High School with the exception of one of us, but they were going to another high school in the same town.

— The Tour so far… —

It’s winding down; it’s just been a lot of port-o-potties, and sweat, and dust, and sleeplessness, and fun.

— The Future of Warped Tour —

The Tour is not what it used to be. It used to be – I mean back when it was starting – it was competing with a whole entirely different market and catering to an entirely different group of people. Now it’s a much younger audience, and this younger audience is in competition with tours like the Paramore/Fall Out Boy Tour, even the One Direction tour, stuff like that.

— The Diversification of Warped Tour —

It used to be if you were a hip-hop artist on the tour, you’d get eggs thrown at you. When Eminem was on the tour competing with Pennywise, people would just chant Pennywise through his whole set…I think people definitely have a wider palate for music than they used to, and I think that’s good for artists of all varieties because like I said, it used to be a tour that could only cater to one demographic, and now it’s a tour that can cater to a larger demographic with a more diverse listening palate.

Other Warped Band Suggestions from Kellen: Saves The Day, Every Time I Day, Terror, Four Years Strong, Strayed From The Path, Attila (as his wild card), and Less Than Jake | Facebook | Twitter

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