Survive This!

Shawn Zyvoloski

— The Band Name—

The initial idea is kind of funny. Daniel likes survivalist TV shows. He was like, “I wanna do something like that. It’s cool.” When we really sat down we were like, we can’t have our name from something like that. When we picked Survive This! we wanted it as a statement.  We’re people who want to build your self-worth, your self-esteem. That’s what it’s really about, it’s about surviving every day life, the battle of being bullied, being picked on, suicide, depression, just anything. Your daily routine, having to go to a crappy job every day, we wanted to stand for something. That’s what really stands out for us; it’s a statement. We’re here to survive this. We’re here to make life better.

— Writing songs that help people —

I just did an interview, the press picked me to do it, it was really cool. It was this depression/suicide awareness thing. I talked to them and I told my testimony, just talking, and they were in tears. It was a really touching, emotional moment for all of us. They just came out and they talked about the record and talked about The Life You’ve Chosen and the songs, like our acoustic track “Father”; it was just really hitting home with them. It’s just something that growing up and wanting to write music, those are the moments I was looking for: these songs that touch people and captivate people and help people in their everyday lives.

— What’s happening next —

We’re just shooting for more tours. We’re slowly writing for the next record. Really excited, the stuff that we’re coming up with has been really great. Right when we get home, Daniel our guitarist is getting married, that’s a big deal. Obviously we’re all a part of it so, we’ve got a lot to do in that aspect. And, just touring man. We’re putting in for a few fall or winter tours, seeing what grabs. We want to come back.

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