Ryan Key

— Utah knows their music! —

This is where it all started really – the radio for us – was here in Salt Lake City. Always cool to be here…You probably heard [“Ocean Avenue”] on X96. They were the first radio station to really play our band. It was awesome. I don’t know why, I don’t know what caught on about it here, but “Ocean Avenue” – they started that single here.

— NEW Yellowcard Album —

The record is called Lift A Sail, and I believe the first song we’re going to be playing for people – or hoping that the radio is going to play – is called “One Bedroom”. It’s our sixth record we’ve made with Neal Avron, our producer. New record label for us, it’s coming out on Razor & Tie Records. A lot of cool stuff on the horizons…I think it’s something really new and exciting for people. Whether you’re a fan of Yellowcard or not, the whole record has a lot of new flavor on it. We really challenged ourselves, we really pushed ourselves this time around to go farther, explore more space in the studio than we ever have before. I think we made a real bona fide rock record, and I’m really looking forward to people hearing it.

— The Band Name —

When the guys that originally started the band were 16, it was like a party foul term. So it stuck…Yeah I wasn’t there. I joined the band like 4 years after they started…And especially when you start your band when you’re 16 years old, it’s usually gonna be something like that. You don’t get a cool name like The Killers when you start your band at 16.

— Lift A Sail: A “Bona Fide Rock Record” —

The record is, I mean speaking of Pearl Jam, I feel like we really dug deep into our really early influences: bands that made us pick up guitars and play. Whether it was the Pumpkins, or Pearl Jam, or Nirvana, Filter, on and on and on. The list of amazing early 90’s bands, I could list them for an hour. But I feel like we really channel those influences on Lift A Sail. Just as we were writing, it just felt like ok, we’re doing something different this time, and we’re gonna run with it…I can have trouble lending my voice to that [rock sound] because I don’t really have any grit or aggression in my vocals much, so it’s hard to lend it to a straighter kind of rock sound. I think we nailed it this time. I really do. I’m really excited. And it is a rock record. | Facebook | Twitter

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